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This Spectrum advice fact sheet gives guidance on numbering your collection, on different types and number formats and a summary of commonly occurring issues surrounding numbering.It was revised in 2015 to support the requirements of the Accreditation Scheme for Museums and Galleries in the UK and updated in 2018 for Spectrum 5.0.

What is meant by numbering?

‘Numbering’ refers to the allocation of a unique number to a single museum object, orgroup of objects. The number is physically attached to the object, or group, and alsoappears on records which relate to the object, or group. Most museums will need to useseveral distinct numbering sequences for different procedures within theirdocumentation system. The sequences needed and the form numbers take will varyfrom museum to museum depending on individual needs and past practice.Museum object numbers are codes for identification and cross-referral. They should not include catalogueinformation such as classification/subject codes or storage locations.

Spectrum 5.0 and the Museum Accreditation Scheme

It is a requirement of the Museum Accreditation Scheme that the Spectrum ‘Primary Procedures’ are inplace in Accredited museums – see Accreditation Standard, Requirement 2.7 . Spectrum primary procedures are the foundation of a basic museum documentation system.Numbering systems are used in all of the primary procedures and you will need to record top level policydecisions about your numbering systems in your documentation policy. Museum Accreditation also requires that a museum has a documentation procedural manual in place, which reflectshow your museum applies the primary procedures. You will need torecord your museum’s numbering systems and how they are used in your procedural manual.For more about procedural manuals and their contents, seethe procedural manual template.

Why is numbering important?

Numbering museum objects is important because a unique number, once allocated and physically attachedto the museum object, creates a link between that object and its associated information. If the link isbroken, for example because the number has fallen off the object, the link between the object and itsinformation is lost. This means that the museum no longer knows what the object is, where it is, or how itwas acquired, and will have to spend valuable time and resources re-establishing the link between objectand information in a backlog or retrospective documentation procedure.

Accession numbers are attached to objects using standard labelling and marking techniques. See the popular resources panel for useful resources on labelling and marking museum objects.

Different types of numbering

Entry numbering

Entry numbers are used during the Spectrum procedure and procedure.The entry number provides an initial unique number for every object or group of objects entering themuseum – it is the number allocated on the entry form , and it is always attached (usually written on a labeland tied) to the object when it enters the museum. It identifies objects until they are either returned to theirowner or formally acquired by the museum. If it is not possible to number every object in a group, assignnumbers to groups of objects, and record the number of objects in the group on the entry form.

Entry numbers are allocated by taking the next number in the sequence being used by the museum; theymay be pre-printed on the entry form.

A simple running number sequence is best, usually prefixed with an ‘E’ to distinguish it from othernumbering systems: eg E2561; E2562; E2563; E2564; E2565 Individual objects within a group can be identified by adding a suffix to the entry number: eg E2561.1; E2461.2; E2561.3; E2561.4

Accession numbering

Accession numbers are used during the rocedure and when tackling backlogs using the procedure.The accession number is the unique number allocated in the Abby YFYCL018 Womens Sexy Latin Tango Ballroom Professional Flared Heel 3/4 Peeptoe PU danceshoes Black 4JIOlIQS2I
and is only applied toobjects formally acquired by the museum for the long term collections.Accession numbers are allocated by taking the next number in the sequence being used by the museum.They are always physically attached to, or associated with, the object using standard labelling and markingtechniques.

There are two common approaches: A simple running number system: eg 14603; 14604; 14605; 14606; 14607 A more common system is to use the year of accession followed by a running number: eg 1991.3; 1991.4; 1991.5; 1991.6; 1991.7

If an acquisition consists of several parts, a further suffix can be added to create a unique number for each part: eg 1991.24.1; 1991.24.2; 1991.24.3; and 1991.24.4 denotes the 24th accession in 1991, whichconsists of four parts.

When deciding on your museum’s accession number format:

Objects acquired by the museum from different sources should be given separate unique accessionnumbers. For example, 4 objects acquired from different sources in 1991, would be numbered:1999.1; 1999.2; 1999.3; 1999.4.

If a group of objects is acquired from a single source, some museums would give a different number toeach individual object in the group. For example the group consisted of a collection of four glass negativesfrom a single source, each could be allocated a separate accession number as follows:1999.21; 1999.22; 1999.23; 1999.24.

However, this approach can break down if your museum receives a very large collection from a singlesource, for example if the group consisted of two thousand glass plate negatives. In this case, if you giveeach negative a separate accession number, you will be unable to allocate new accession numbers untilthe large collection has been fully numbered and this will probably cause an accession backlog. In this example it would be preferable to allocate and attach a single accession number followed by part numbersto each object eg 1991. 21. 1; 1991.21.2….to….1991.21.1999; 1991.21.2000. In this case bulkaccessioning may also be a possibility.

Transfer of title numbering

Transfer of title numbers are used during the procedure.They are the numbers on the Hadari Womens Faux Suede Over The Knee Lace Up Detail High Heel Boots 7Ke1RMh
, which records the transfer of legal title of the object tothe museum. Transfer of title numbers can be a simple running sequence prefixed by a ‘T’ and are notattached to the object.

Exit numbering

Exit numbers are used during the procedure.They are the numbers on the To Boot New York Mens Huston Fashion Sneaker White/Blue aCiktSx
, which is used when objects leave the museum as, for example,loans out, transfers or disposals. Exit numbers can be a simple running sequence prefixed with a X. andare not attached to the object.

Temporary numbering

Temporary numbers are allocated to objects when dealing with backlogs during the procedure.They are usually a running sequence of numbers, usually prefixed by a letter to denote that they arebacklog and temporaryeg B376; B377; B379…

Temporary numbers are physically attached to the object, and recorded on a temporary record. If, duringthe procedure it is discovered that the object has already been accessioned,the temporary number is removed, and the original accession number is applied. If it is discovered that theobject has never been accessioned, and a decision is made to add it to the long term collections, the nextnumber in the accession number sequence is applied and the temporary number removed.

Photograph numbering

Photograph numbers are the number given to an image, such as a print, slide, negative, or digital image,resulting from the photography of a museum object during collections management activity for example acquisition,conservation, exhibition or condition checking. Photograph numbers are often dictated by the format of thephotograph and the way they are stored.

Photographs taken for collections management purposes should not be confused with original imageswhich form part of the long term collections. The latter are always numbered with accession numbers whichprovide the link between the object, its documentation and any associated collections management images.

Conservation numbering

Conservation numbers are allocated when an object is conserved. If yourmuseum deals with several conservation agencies, you can prefix the allocated number with an institutioncode to avoid any risk of duplication.

External numbering systems

Some objects or groups of objects may have pre-existing numbers, for example:

External numbers should be recorded in the catalogue record for the object, even though the museum’sown numbers will be used as the reference for the object, and applied to the object.

Numbering archaeology

There are two options for assigning accession numbers for archaeology:

This is frequently the best option for long-term curation, as it will fit in with existing museum systems and itmeans you will not have to re-mark objects. This may be the preferred method for museums whichregularly receive archaeological archives from a number of different sources.

The site code can be incorporated into the accession number. However, as site codes tend to bealphanumeric you will need to ensure that that your information systems can logically handle these codes.A site code usually includes the location and date of the excavation.

MDA codes

As many museums use similar numbering systems the Collections Trust can issue your museum with afive-letter MDA Code, which will uniquely identify an object to its museum within the UK.In the following example the MDA code ‘CAMCD’ prefixes the accession number: CAMCD : 1991.24.1; CAMDC 1991.24.2; CAMDC 1991.24.3 and so on.

The MDA Code identifies which museum an object belongs to and should be marked on all objects with theaccession number whenever possible. However, some objects are too small and can only be marked withthe accession number.

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Many museums have old numbering systems which do not meet the standards in this fact sheet. When thishappens re-numbering collections is often suggested, particularly when ‘intelligent’ accession numbershave been used which have ceased to be meaningful, for example a classification code which is no longer in usehas been included in the accession number. Re-numbering is also sometimes suggested when there aregaps in accession number sequences.

As a general rule however, re-numbering a collection is not worth the time and effort involved. It is better to start anew numbering system for new acquisitions and work with existing systems for objects that have alreadybeen numbered. At its most basic a numbering system should simply aim to provide a unique number foreach object. This number will link the object to the information held about it. If the object can be identifiedand the accompanying information can be found, it doesn’t matter if the numbers don’t run in sequence orhave different forms. Any decisions about formats will need to be recorded in your documentation procedural manual.

For more advice about re-numbering, please follow this link.

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