Keds Womens Triumph Mid Salt and Pepper Fashion Sneaker Black nTiyW9gvI

Keds Womens Triumph Mid Salt and Pepper Fashion Sneaker Black nTiyW9gvI
  • Textile
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Durable rubber outsole for added comfort
Keds Womens Triumph Mid Salt and Pepper Fashion Sneaker Black nTiyW9gvI Keds Womens Triumph Mid Salt and Pepper Fashion Sneaker Black nTiyW9gvI Keds Womens Triumph Mid Salt and Pepper Fashion Sneaker Black nTiyW9gvI Keds Womens Triumph Mid Salt and Pepper Fashion Sneaker Black nTiyW9gvI Keds Womens Triumph Mid Salt and Pepper Fashion Sneaker Black nTiyW9gvI

I just reached out to the company and found out they have a referral program. If you click on this link , you’ll get 20% off your order for “Standard” or “Verbatim” services, and they will give me a 10% commission. Win-win, right? It doesn’t look like the code applies to the “First Draft” service I described above at $0.79 per minute. Click here to get 20% off with TranscribeMe “Standard” service.

Rev is another big transcription company online, with straightforward pricing at $1 per audio minute. They use humans to transcribe, and of all the methods reviewed in this article, this service provided the most accurate, cleanest final result. I was very, very pleased and if I ever need to get a transcription close to perfect (and don’t have time to do it myself), I would use their service again. I submitted a file at 1:00 p.m. on a Saturday and it was returned to me at 5:00 p.m. the same day even though I did not request expedited service. That particular file was 30 minutes in length, so the cost was $30. The word count was 5,090. By experience, I know that it usually takes about an hour to transcribe 30 minutes of audio, but mine would not have been as perfect as what they returned so really it would have taken me longer for an equivalent result.

Here is a link to Rev’s website.

Keep in mind that if you would like to hand a file or even a digital recorder over to us, we would be happy to handle the files and transcribe your audio in a professional and confidential manner. We charge $1 per audio minute plus a file handling fee if we are pulling files from a device. Note that our service is quite accurate but we do not guarantee 100% perfect because it may be impossible to decipher every word. We also filterout “um” and filler words. In other words, we do not specialize in court-reporting perfection but you will get a nice document in a format suitable for family history purposes. Click here to request this service .

This online service uses machines to transcribe audio. I haven’t used it yet, so I invite comments by anyone who has. Here is a link to their website.

This handy service allows you to tape any call on an iPhone or Android. There is a per-minute option, or current pricing as of 2017 is $7.99 per year for unlimited recording. I haven’t used it yet, but know I will in the future, and will write a review then. Click here the TapeACall website .

Did you know that YouTube can transcribe the words that are spoken in a video? This was designed for closed captioning, and also for search engines to pick up your video content. One of the coolest features is to transcribe into another language. So if you are working with a video interview instead of audio, this might be the way to go. Alternatively, you can convert an audio file into a video format and then run it through YouTube, but online reviews suggest that the accuracy isn’t all that great. It seems like a lot of steps to convert audio into video, then upload to YouTube and run it through, especially if the results are mediocre. Many of the comments mention that they couldn’t get it to work. Still, I mention it as an option, especially if language translation is important, or if you are working with video already. If you want to give it a whirl, just do a search on YouTube and there are some good video tutorials showing how to get a transcription using YouTube. Here is a link to a 6 minute tutorial with over 100,000 views.

Iconosquare’s Instagram Feed Preview

As I mentioned, likes and follows for the sake of likes and follows are not going to help you in the long run, but there’s nothing wrong with liking, commenting on and following accounts relevant to your own to get some exposure. Just be sure you’re doing this manually yourself (no bots), and of course, make an effort to be genuine, interesting and NEVER spammy! You don’t need to write an essay, but referring to the actual post and giving an opinion or asking a question is a good place to start. Setting aside between half an hour to an hour per day to focus on engaging on Instagram will have a big impact on your growth over time.

Here’s an example from a photo we posted about the rumour that Instagram is getting a 4×4 grid . In the caption, we addressed the rumour, and some people left genuine comments, partaking in the conversation:

Comments on Iconosquare’s 4×4 Grid Post

Hashtags are still a great discoverability tool, but there’s no need to use the full 30 hashtag allowance that Instagram provides. Rather than using 30 different hashtags on every post (which is pretty time consuming anyways) and running the risk of one of those hashtags being blacklisted, use fewer but better-researched hashtags that clearly reflect your content. Between 7 – 10 hashtags will definitely be enough. And remember, your content should deliver what your hashtags promise!

Whatever your industry, pick your hashtags wisely!

It’s also good to keep in mind that the more popular the hashtags you use are, the more competition you’re up against to get your content found. Opt for mid-range or niche hashtags to give yourself a better chance of being discovered – but avoid anything obscure that nobody will be searching for!

Don’t miss an opportunity to promote your Instagram account organically on your other owned channels. Think specifically about other visual channels such as Tumblr, or those with the potential to reach a large audience, such as Facebook. You can add a widget to your Facebook page, for example, which actually embeds and displays your Insta feed. Or you can create a post to announce a competition you’re running solely on Instagram, to bring your Facebook audience over to your Instagram account.

The Iconosquare Instagram Feed for Facebook

You can also embed your Instagram posts in your blog posts, run a pop-up on your site, etc.

Another exciting update is the ability to share Instagram Stories to Facebook . Though businesses don’t yet have access to Facebook Stories, it should hopefully be possible for those with a business account too!

Another tip: Add an Instagram icon to your email signature, so that with every email send you give your readers the chance to discover your Insta profile.

An easy way to grow your Instagram organically is to utilise the geolocation tags, especially if you’re posting from a well-known and Instagrammable place! Also, if you’re working in collaboration with another brand or reposting content from someone else (make sure you get permission first!), be sure to tag them in your caption and on the photo itself. Hopefully they’ll repay the favor in future And this works both ways – if anyone wants to share your content, send them a friendly reminder that they should tag you and give you full credit in the post.

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Your resource for building powerful sports programs
January 29, 2010 • Football
By Eric Firestone

We teach our linebackers how to play our style of football with a progression that we use at practice, spring drills and early-preseason practice.


Legs are shoulder-width apart, with the linebacker on the balls of his feet, knees bent. He is also bent at the waist, low enough to make his number difficult to read.

It’s important to work on stances every day. Humans are creatures of habit, so make it a habit to be in a good stance.

Alignment: 4 1/2 to 5 yards deep (Diagrams 1-2)

In a 4-3 defense, the middle linebacker (Mike) is in strong A gap, the strong backer (Sam) is in strong C gap, and the weak backer (Will) is in Weak B gap (Diagram 1) .

(Diagram 1)

If there are two or more wide receivers to a side, the backer to that side splits the difference between the No. 2 receiver and the tackle (Diagram 2) .

(Diagram 2) Reads keys (Diagram 3)

If the offense is in a two-back I set, Mike reads the first back while Sam Will read the second back (Diagram 3).

(Diagram 3).

If the offense is in the shotgun, the backers cross-key, meaning that they read the back away from them. In the shotgun, Mike will key the QB.

Cross-keying works on both one-back (Diagram 4) and two-back sets (Diagram 5). If the offense is a big misdirection team, such as a Wing-T or likes to pull linemen, the backers must read the guards.

(Diagram 4) (Diagram 5). Initial movement (Diagram 6)

At the snap, the backers take one step to their gap and re-gather.

Determining run or pass

Backers read through the linemen to the backs to determine if the play is a run or pass.

If linemen are set up higher and retreat, backers play pass while watching the running backs and QB. If linemen drive out hard, backers play the run while watching the running back and being cautious of the play-action pass.

Block destruction (Diagram 7)

Backers must attack blockers, using both hands and feet. Hands attack the V of the neck; at the same time, the backer steps between the blocker’s legs with his nearest foot.

Backers attack with bent knees and waist. When contact occurs, the backer use the power in the legs by pressing with the legs and rolling the hips to destroy the block. Backers do not run around blocks; they take them on.

Diagram 7 shows a good drill with which to work on block destruction (Triangle Drill). Backers step toward the blocker and shed them, re-gather, step to the other blocker and re-gather.

Easy registration with your LINE account!
LINE Login
Previous versions
Table of contents

Note: This guide describes how to integrate LINE Login v2.1 which supports the OpenID Connect protocol and allows you to retrieve user information with ID tokens. To integrate LINE Login v2 with your web app, see Integrating LINE Login v2 .

This page explains how to integrate LINE Login with your web application. If you don’t have an existing application and would like to try LINE Login on a sample application, go to Try LINE Login for web .

Login flow

The LINE Login process for web (web login) is based on the OAuth 2.0 authorization code grant flow and the OpenID Connect protocol. Your application must be able to make requests server-side and receive data from the LINE Platform. The following is an overview of the web login flow.

These are the steps involved in the web login process.

Once you have retrieved an access token, you can use it to call the Social API .

To start integrating your application with LINE Login, make sure you have completed the following.

To specify where to redirect the user after login, set a callback URL from the "App settings" page of the console .

Note: You can set multiple callback URLs.

You can request users who log in using LINE Login to grant your app the permission to get their email address. To do so, you first need to apply for the permission in the console .


Once your application is accepted, "Applied" is displayed under "Email".

To authenticate the user and request permissions of your app, redirect the user to the following authorization URL with the required query parameters. You can redirect the user using a LINE Login button or with a direct link.

You must include the required query parameters in the URL.

The following scopes can be specified in the scope parameter. You can specify multiple scopes using the URL encoded whitespace character (%20). You must include at least one scope.

An access token with the profile scope is required to get the friendship status between a user and a bot.

The following is an example of an authorization URL with query parameters.

When the user is redirected to the authorization URL, the LINE Platform automatically checks the user's session to determine the user's login status.

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